[Brazilian Coffee Features]_Features_Performance

[Brazilian Coffee Features]_Features_Performance

Brazilian coffee specialties, this largest coffee producer, all grades and types of coffee account for the expansion of global consumption, and occupy a place in the global coffee market.

Although the number of natural disasters facing Brazil is several times that of other regions, its arable area is recovering.

There are all kinds of coffee here, but its industrial policy is large and cheap, so there is not much coffee, but it is a good choice to mix other coffees.

The origin of Brazilian coffee Brazilian coffee refers to coffee produced in Brazil.

There are many types of Brazilian coffee. Like other Arabic coffees, Brazilian coffee is called “Brazil” to distinguish it from “mild” coffee.

The original Brazilian coffee was washed and dried, and they were classified according to the state of origin and port of shipment.

Brazil has 27 states and 17 states produce coffee, but 4 of them have the largest production, which together account for 98% of Brazil’s total production. They are: Parana, SaoPaulo,The states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo have the most amazing output in the southern state of Parana, accounting for 50% of the total.

The taste of Brazilian coffee Brazilian coffee Brazilian coffee is a low-acid, medium-roasted coffee bean from the World Coffee Center.

As a high-quality coffee variety, Brazilian coffee can be blended as a single product or blended.

● High-quality beans: Sanduo type NO.

2. Size NO.

18 ● Characteristics of taste: mild, sour and bitter, soft fragrance.

● Best roasting degree: The taste of medium roasted Brazilian coffee has a series of sour taste. With the sweet and bitter taste of coffee, the mouth is extremely smooth, and it has a slight grassy aroma.Smooth, the aftertaste is soothing.

For Brazilian coffee, there are no special advantages, but there are no obvious regrets. This taste is mild and smooth, low in acidity, moderate in alcohol and mild in sweetness. All these soft flavors are mixed together.Distinguishing them one by one is the best test for taste buds. This is why many Santos fans love this kind of coffee. Because of the mildness and ordinaryness it causes, Santos is suitable for ordinary roasting.The popular method of brewing is the best raw material for making Italian espresso and various fancy coffees.

The most famous of these is Sandos coffee. It has a mellow, neutral taste, and it can be cooked directly or mixed with other types of coffee beans to form a comprehensive coffee. It is also a good choice.

Other types of Brazilian coffee, such as Rio and Parana, can be produced in large quantities without much care. Although the taste is severely rough, it is an inexpensive coffee. Because it is distributed throughout Brazil, it has a solid quality.It varies, but has its own standard (NO according to the amount of impurities.


8. NO depending on the size of the beans.


19, according to taste is divided into six levels).

Almost all Arabica species have good quality and stable prices. The most famous one is “Santos Brazil”. Since ancient times, it has been a necessity for blended coffee and is familiar to the public.

Recently, the “Mulma Cup” has also been highly rated.

Brazilian coffee varieties

[Homemade Dried Ginger Flakes]_Ginger Flakes_Drying Practice_How to Homemade

[Homemade Dried Ginger Flakes]_Ginger Flakes_Drying Practice_How to Homemade

Ginger is a more common condiment in life. This condiment is widely used in cooking. Because ginger is a warm supplement, many people also use ginger to treat diseases. In our winterWhen I change the cold and drink some ginger soup to get cold, the effect is very good. For female friends, if there is Gong Han, drinking ginger soup can also warm the palace, then how can I make delicious dried ginger slices

How to quickly make good quality dried ginger slices yourself?

1, cleaning, cleaning sounds like everyone will be the same, but in fact there is no need to pay attention to, it is necessary to scoop ginger into small, otherwise it is easy to leave dirt and other dirt in the ginger cracks.

2, slice, slice is actually a little particular about!

If you want to dry quickly, of course, the thinner the better, but personal experience is to try moderate, not to cut too thin.

If the cut is too thin, you can’t hide the flavor of ginger. The dried ginger or ginger powder produced will have a very light flavor and lack a strong ginger flavor. Of course, the cold-removing performance will have a small effect.

3, drying, this is the key point: First, you must know that the mature period of ginger is in winter.

The winter sun is warm. It is used to dry ginger slices. It always feels a bit less hot and requires multiple days of exposure.

The weather is difficult to tell. It may be the sun today, and the ginger slices will be cut. It may rain tomorrow. At this time, the sliced ginger slices will easily deteriorate and rot if they are not stored properly.

The rotten ginger is poisonous and must not be eaten. At this time, it can be fried or baked.

Ingredients: Ginger (500g).

Seasoning: white sugar (350g), salt (2g).

Method 1, clean the ginger buds and cut 2 mm thick slices.

2. Wash the ginger slices with water.

3, according to a pound of ginger, 7 two sugar ratio, add sugar.

4. After the sugar is dissolved, boil over medium heat and boil over low heat. 5. Boil until the syrup can be drawn. Boil all the water in the ginger and turn off the heat.

6. After cooking, pour the ginger and syrup into a non-stick pan, stainless steel or non-stick pan. Quickly stir fry. Note that it is no longer necessary to fry the fire, just fry the ginger.

7. Fry until the syrup is sandy and stick to the ginger slices.

8. When it becomes a dry sugar sand state, you can stop frying and let it air dry.

[How to make nougat cakes]_ The common practice of nougat cakes _ The practice of nougat cakes _ How to make nougat cake

[How to make nougat cakes]_ The common practice of nougat cakes _ The practice of nougat cakes _ How to make nougat cake

Food is vital to our body, and it is closely related to our lives.

A good diet can extend your life.

On the contrary, a bad diet can take away our precious lives.

So, what makes a good diet?

I want to at least do it myself.

Let me introduce you to the recipe of nougat cake.


Bottom of the cake: Put the butter on the soft part and pour it into a basin with sugar.


Beat the eggs in 1 portion.


2 Beat the flour with an electric eggbeater for at least 5 minutes until the cream becomes creamy and white.


Add the hazelnut crush, it must be particularly crushed, otherwise one is difficult to shape, and the other is bad taste.

Add the right amount of cocoa powder, mainly for color.

And baking powder, stir well.


21 Pour into the greased cake mold and smash it flat.

Put in a preheated oven at 160 ° C for 40 minutes.


1 After cooling down, carefully release the mold, and then buckle it on the workbench.

Because this cake has nuts and too much butter, I decided to make only two small ones.

So I used the mold to press two small ones out.

If you make a whole cake of 18cm diameter, the operation process is the same.


2 The baked cake is waiting to cool in the mold.


1Cut a small circle in half.


2 Cut the bottom of the cake in half.


NougatCreme: Melt Nougat and dark chocolate under heat.


The cream is whipped, you don’t have to smash it to the hard, you can pull out the soft tip.

It’s best to use a special cake cream to better maintain the shape.

If you use ordinary inertial cream to pass, you need to consider adding a little cream stabilizer or jelly flakes here.

Pour the hot nougat chocolate into the cream and stir well.

Take a cake circle mold of the corresponding size, first place the large piece of cake at the bottom; then pour a teaspoon of liqueur, then add nougat cream, two layers of cake can be placed on the thickness;The smaller layer of cake is poured with a teaspoon of liqueur.

Finish with nougat cream and smooth the surface.

Put in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.


A cake that has “solidified” after 4 hours.


Carefully remove the mold with a knife.

This step will definitely destroy the smoothness of the cake and NougatCreme surface.

After demoulding, use a knife to smooth as much as possible.


Caramelize an appropriate amount of sugar in a small pot, add the required amount of whole almonds or hazelnuts, and cover with caramel.

Then clip it out and wait for it to cool.

18 years old

Put almond flakes on the side of the cake to beautify it.

On the cake, squeeze NougatCreme into a flower with a squeeze tube, and place the whole caramelized nuts on it.

When you usually have a mouthful, you must really want to eat some food. At that time, you must hate yourself for not cooking.

Now with the introduction of this article, you can do it yourself

[How to make spiced eggs]_How to make_How to make

[How to make spiced eggs]_How to make_How to make

Eggs can supplement protein in the human body. It is rich in rich nutrients and is often eaten by people as breakfast. Eggs can also be fried and eaten instead of stir-fry. In addition, eggs can also be used forMarinated, spiced eggs is also a method of salting eggs, spiced eggs are very fragrant and will have endless aftertastes. Let’s take a look at the method of marinating spiced eggs.

1. Simple method: Put two pounds of salt in the water and boil and let cool; wash the eggs and put them in the cold brine, remember to keep the water cool, or the eggs will be cooked.

Seal and marinate for a month until you can hear the sound of the shaken egg. You can eat it. Although there is no red heart of salted duck eggs, they are all delicious.

2, the speed method: using a pressure cooker to pickle salted eggs faster, as long as 3-4 hours can be marinated!

The method is: firstly add saturated salt solution with cold water and common salt, add fresh eggs without breakage into the pressure cooker, pour saturated salt solution to immerse the eggs, and the volume occupied by eggs and salt solution does not exceed the total capacity of the pressure cookerThree-quarters.

Then install the pressure cooker cover with a rubber ring, cover the pressure cooker, and screw it tightly.

Then take the air pump and connect its air pipe to the air outlet of the pressure cooker lid to inject air into the pot.

Then remove the pump, cover the high pressure valve, and let it sit for 3-4 hours.

Finally, remove the high pressure valve, open the pressure cooker, and remove the eggs.

Because the eggs are soaked in saturated salt, under the action of high-pressure air, the salt solution quickly penetrates into the eggs, so they are marinated quickly in a short time, and the marinated duck eggs are salty and more uniform.

3, spiced salted eggs: raw eggs, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, fragrant leaves, cumin, white wine each amount.

Make water in the pot (the amount of water is to have no eggs in the container). After boiling, add star anise, cinnamon, pepper, fragrant leaves, cumin and simmer for 15 minutes. Add salt to the water and slowly dissolve until boiling is saturated.Turn off the heat, dry and pour into the container, wash and dry the raw eggs, or air dry and gently put in the container with the water.

Add a dozen drops of white wine before the lid (concentrated and sterilized), and pour the lid tightly after drinking (note the seal). If you do n’t want to eat too salty, you can eat it about 20 days.It is estimated that it will be thirty or forty days.

After marinating, take it out, cook it and eat it (yes, keep the water, you can use it next time, boil it before use).

[How to make delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice]_Home cooking method of delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice_How to make delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice_How to make delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice

[How to make delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice]_Home cooking method of delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice_How to make delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice_How to make delicious chicken feet with glutinous rice

Some people may find it too cumbersome to cook. How easy is it to eat outside? Why is it so troublesome?

However, eating in a restaurant is definitely not done by yourself. If you want to live a healthier life, it is best not to be greedy. The method of eating delicious chicken with bad wine is very easy and troublesome. It is worth recommending.

1. Boxed chicken feet in the supermarket 2. Replace nails and clean.

Cut two sections 3, boil in water for 4 times, boil on high heat, cook on low heat for about 5 minutes, change to clear water, add auxiliary materials and cook on high heat, do not add more water 6, cool out 7 and put in a bag 8, Just soaked in marinade, cover it, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it 9, and the boiled soup also comes out. After refrigerating for one night, you can cut it, then immerse it in marinade, eat frozen 10, refrigerate in the refrigeratorAfter one night, you can eat it.
Eating well is a big part of maintaining health. Although the practice of drinking chicken with delicious and bad chicken feet is simple, it is delicious and healthy. It is a common food on the table.

[Can children eat mango with fever]_Children have fever_Impact

[Can children eat mango with fever]_Children have fever_Impact

Babies can eat mangoes when they have a fever, but they still try to eat less mangoes, because mangoes are fruit that can cause fever. Eating more mangoes will only make the fever more serious, and mangoes are susceptible fruits, so more attention should be paid.Because your baby’s appetite is not good when you have a fever, you can give your baby some food such as rice soup, milk, etc. If you want to eat fruit, you can choose bananas, apples, strawberries, pears and other fruits.

What to do if a child has a fever 1. For infants under one and a half years old, the front stack door is not completely closed. Parents can cover the child’s front stack door with their hearts after they fall asleep.Looking at the baby again and again, his nose was open, his breathing was calm, and the temperature dropped.

At this time, the parents wake up the baby and give them some warm water or brown sugar water, and the baby will soon recover as before.

My son had several colds and fevers cured this year before he was one year old. The shortest one took only 15 minutes and the longest one covered for an hour and a half. My hands were numb before I saw my son’s head.Sweating.

Therefore, when the baby touches the heart with his hand to cover the front stacking door, parents should not worry, it is best to be operated by the child’s father. Men gradually get sweaty.

2. Most children still have fever caused by colds and colds. When they get hot, their hands and feet become cold, their tongue is white, their complexion is pale, and their urine color is light. Parents can use ginger brown sugar water to get rid of the cold for their children. The effect is good.Add 2 to 3 segments and cut into one inch long onion white, the effect will be better.

If the child is afraid of spiciness, you can add two slices of ginger, two sections of onion, and a few drops of vinegar to the porridge cooked for the child. After cooking, remove the ginger and spring onions and feed them to the child to dispel the cold.

, Sweating, antipyretic effect is good, children are also willing to eat.

Parents can feed their children 2 to 3 times a day. Do not add onions after the child has given off fever. When the tongue is no longer white, ginger can be kept.

3. If the child does not have cold hands and feet when he has a fever, but his face is red, sore throat, yellow or red tongue fur, yellow urine, heavy odor, and red eyes, it means that the child’s body is hot and he cannot drink ginger brown sugar waterNow, parents should let their children drink warm boiled water in large quantities, or add a small amount of salt to the water to make the salt water for the children to drink, which can eliminate internal heat.

Only if the child drinks a lot of water, urinates a few times, and allows the body’s internal heat to pass through the urine, the body temperature will drop, and the symptoms of anger will improve.

4. If the child has fever during the day and at night, it means that there is internal heat or cracks in the body. You can use the bitter gourd to cut into thin slices, take 10 slices, and boil the water for 5 to 10 minutes, and give it to the child for 2 to 3 times a day.Don’t drink any more when it’s not hot.

At the same time, try to give your child plenty of water and fresh fruit. The diet should be relatively light. Fish and shrimp cannot be eaten. Other meat and vegetables can only be eaten.

5. If the child’s body temperature is normal during the day, it will rise in the evening and return in the morning, indicating that the child’s fever is caused by cold weight and deficiency in the body. At this time, the child should still drink brown sugar and onion water, and it is best to cooperate with wormwood leaves.The feet dispel cold, and can allow children to drink broth and faint chicken soup. Guyuan cream can be eaten twice a day, a small spoonful at a time, to give children timely nutrition, while allowing children to drink plenty of water.

6. For children over 2 years old, parents can help their children to massage.

Rub the child’s feet first, draw the heat down, wait for the feet to heat, then rub the calf, rub it up and down, and then rub the calf, then rub the child’s little hand, body, back and ears, and finally rub the top of the child’s headBaihui Point in the middle.

Parents should not use too much force when helping their children to massage. They must rub gently. The rubbing speed should not be too fast. They should rub slowly and slowly. Don’t worry, while rubbing, let the child drink warm water.

If the child does not recuperate, use warm water to wipe the child’s whole body, and use a towel to wipe the child’s skin red and hot, so that the child’s body can dissipate heat by itself.

If the child still has cold hands and feet, it means that the cold is severe. Parents can give the child one more drink of ginger, brown sugar, and scallion white water. After this treatment, the child can cool down.

[Banana with jujube]_ diet conditioning _ diet matching

[Banana with jujube]_ diet conditioning _ diet matching

Jujube is also called jujube. It is divided into green and red dates, and the fruit is oval.

The jujube skin is red and green, with a crispy and sweet taste, a wide range of varieties, and has the effect of promoting fluid and quenching thirst, and the vitamin content is also high.

The skin of red jujube is red, generally wrinkled, the skin is hard and tough, and it is not easy to eat. The jujube can nourish blood and lower blood pressure, protect the liver and liver, and enhance immunity.

So are bananas and dates suitable for eating?

Bananas are cold and sweet, cold energy can clear the intestinal heat, Ganneng moisten the bowel, and is often used to treat fever and thirst, constipation, and bananas contain a certain amount of fiber and a small amount of feces.It has a laxative effect, and the jujube has thick flesh, delicious color and sweetness, intake of protein, trace, sugar, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so jujube has always been a good health, nourishing and nourishing health.

Jujubes cannot be eaten with bananas. At first, it was spread on the Internet that they should not be mixed and eaten with jujubes or bananas, or they would produce an indescribable taste.

Too many people ca n’t hold their curiosity and choose “test by body”: ripe banana + dried dates: nothing special, the taste of bananas and red dates is normal; cooked bananas + winter dates: I feel that dates are difficult to eat and have changed taste, likeIt ‘s the smell you smell after washing the dishes with dishwashing liquid; raw banana + dried red dates: it ‘s the taste of banana and jujube mixed, it feels quite delicious; raw banana + winter dates: there is a fishy smell, likeThe fishy smell came from mopping across the floor.

Experimental results: After trying this highly “mix and match” method, it means that the “chemical reaction” caused by the combination of raw bananas and winter jujube. It is best not to try the “raw banana + winter jujube” eating method, so as not to be hit by the strange smell it produces.inverted”.

Extended information: Jujube contains protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, vitamin C, organic acids, iron, phosphorus, calcium, carotene, thiamine, vitamin B2 and other nutritional ingredients.The effects can be used to treat diseases such as weak spleen and stomach, lack of appetite, thin stools, insufficient blood and blood, anemia, neurasthenia, and gastric cancer.

Banana contains sugars, vitamins A, B vitamins, vitamin E, norepinephrine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, potassium and other nutritional ingredients. It has effects such as intestinal laxation, laxative, qi, Shengjin, Jianwei digestion, etc., can useAnorexia, indigestion, constipation, stomach ulcers and other complications.

[Cold poached egg]_How to cold_How to cold

[Cold poached egg]_How to cold_How to cold

People can make a variety of flavors from different dishes, and even the most common boiled eggs, such as poached eggs, can be made new.

Boiled eggs can also be eaten with cold sauce. Generally, people ca n’t eat hard-boiled eggs and they are very savory.it is good.

Here’s how to cook boiled eggs.

Production method 1.

Wash and shred shiitake mushrooms; wash and cut coriander.

The shiitake mushrooms are scalded with boiling water and left to cool.


Adding cooking wine to starch and mixing starch with cooking wine can be used to deodorize eggs.


Beat the eggs into a bowl and add some salt to give the eggs a base.


Pour the mixed starch paste into the eggs and use a chopsticks or whisk to break the eggs.


The broken egg liquid is filtered with a strainer, and the resulting egg skin is more delicate and smooth.


Heat the pan and apply a layer of oil to the pan.


Take a proper amount of egg liquid into a pot with a spoon.


Rotate the pan so that the egg liquid is evenly spread on the bottom of the pan, heat until the surface is solidified, and turn over.


Continue heating until one side solidifies, remove, and fry the next egg skin.

After frying, cool and set aside.


Shred the cool egg skins.


Egg shreds, shiitake shreds and parsley are added to a large bowl.


Add the right amount of vinegar, salt, sugar and sesame oil to taste, mix well and serve.

Efficacy analysis Eggs are sweet, flat, returning to the spleen, stomach meridians, can nourish the lungs and nourish blood, nourish yin and moisturize dryness, and can be used for deficiency of qi and blood, fever, thirst, and uneasy fetal movement.

It can nourish yin and blood, remove annoyance and soothe the nerves, nourish the spleen and stomach.

Shiitake mushrooms are foods with high protein, low fat, polysaccharides, multiple amino acids and multiple vitamins.

Can improve human immunity, anti-aging, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, lower cholesterol.

[Dangers of eating steak for breakfast]_Early_Bad

[Dangers of eating steak for breakfast]_Early_Bad

Ordinary steaks are only considered for Chinese food and dinner, because after all, steak is a crude fiber food, which is not easily digested and absorbed by the human stomach.

At breakfast time, you should try to choose foods with higher nutritional content, such as soy milk and milk, which are essential for many people at breakfast.

But if you eat steak at breakfast time, what kind of harm will it cause?

Can I have steak for breakfast?

Steak is one of the animal foods. Naturally, it is also an inedible part of a nutritious breakfast. Of course, you can eat it as long as you have time to make breakfast. However, steak is not too greedy.It ‘s better to know: 1. First, how much to eat, a medium-sized raw steak, about 150g at the same time, 2?
It is enough for a family of 3 to eat this one. If you eat alone, you can no longer eat meat in two days, you can think of it!

2. The second is how to do it. When you fry, pay attention to the heat. The fire is too light and you are not familiar with diarrhea. It is also not conducive to digestion. The fire is too thick and it is even worse.

It seems that you have to practice cooking first!

Also, be sure to put less oil on!

Less oil!

Less oil!

3, although the steak is good, but the ratio is slightly higher than the lean content, it is still slightly higher, which is not a problem for healthy people, but it is not the first choice for patients with abnormal blood lipids and mild liver, and people who want to lose weightLittle friends should also choose carefully!

Steaks are delicious but you ca n’t eat them every day. Some food is the most healthy. Various lean meats, fish and seafood are exchanged with steaks to make your breakfast richer!

In addition, there must be a thick and thin staple food, and vegetables and fruits can be eaten together to add points to health.

[How long does white fungus stew]_cooking time_how to cook

[How long does white fungus stew]_cooking time_how to cook

White fungus is Tremella, which can be used for beauty and beauty, and has the effect of whitening and rejuvenating. Ladies can often drink Tremella for beauty.

Tremella not only lowers blood pressure, but also maintains the kidneys. Tremella is also good for the stomach. It can also protect the liver. Moisturizing the stomach can help detoxification. Many people don’t know how long white fungus can be stewed.

Let ‘s take a look next.


How long does white fungus stew?
Cooking with an electric rice cooker generally takes about 1-2 hours. Using a pressure cooker or an electric stew cooker is relatively fast, ranging from half an hour to an hour, depending on the type of Tremella.

When cooking white fungus, some are not rotten for a long time, some are rotten quickly, and sometimes even stew is not rotten. The reason lies in our kitchenware and raw materials.

Normal white fungus rots no matter what kind of kitchen utensils are used to stew, but the rice cooker takes longer to stew, while the voltage cooker or electric stew cooker will be faster.

And if the quality of Tremella is not good, no matter what kitchen utensils we use, it won’t stew that kind of stickiness, and it will still be crunchy if it is not stewed.


Reminder It is worth reminding that normal tremella, if we fully boil it with warm boiling water before cooking, and then cut off the unfoamed part, it can greatly reduce the time to cook tremella.


Tremella effect 1.

Enhance the immunity of the basic multi-component substances in the Tremella fuciformis, mobilize lymphocytes, enhance the ability of phagocytosis of white blood cells, stimulate the proliferation of hematopoietic function, enhance the humoral immunity of the human body, and have a significant enhancement in the prevention of influenza and other diseases.


Cosmetology research has shown that white fungus is implanted with a large amount of vegetal gum. The composition of these gums is similar to the adhesive protein of our skin, so long-term consumption of white fungus can make our skin more hydrated and smooth.

And the reason why white fungus is colorless is that white fungus contains certain pigment-lightening ingredients, so after we eat white fungus, these pigment-lightening ingredients will directly affect our skin, making our skin more white, freckles, tanSpots have good treatment and prevention effects.


Lowering blood pressure white fungus dialysis minerals and alkaloids, consumption of white fungus can achieve the treatment of tracheitis, lower blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis.


Nourishing effect Chinese medicine believes that white fungus has the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing lungs, nourishing qi and blood, and nourishing the brain.

As a mild nourishing food and tonic, unlike the ginseng and bird’s nest, these tonics are so medicinal. White fungus is not only suitable for all old and weak women and children, and those who are physically weak after illness, but also for hypertension and vascular sclerosis.Waiting for patients is also very suitable.


Liver protection and liver protection modern medical research has found that acidic isopolysaccharides in the amino acids contained in Tremella fuciformis have the effect of replenishing and solidifying, and have a certain relief effect on chronic bronchitis and pulmonary heart disease in the elderly; and can promote the synthesis of protein and nucleic acid of liver cells, improveThe ability of the liver to detoxify, thereby helping to protect the liver.


Stomach nourishing and white fungus is also a nourishing medicine, which is characterized by nourishing and not greasy, with spleen appetizers, nourishing qi and intestines, sleeping and strengthening the stomach, nourishing yin, clearing heat, moisturizing, and no ginseng for yin deficiency, fire, and so onWarm tonic patients are a good tonic.


The supplementary fiber placed in the intestinal laxative white fungus can promote our initial peristalsis, so that our bowel movements are smoother. At the same time, the bowel cycle is greatly changed. It is particularly effective in treating constipation and indigestion. It is more effective to eat white fungus with honeyCan achieve immediate results.

White fungus can not only defecate, but also stop diarrhea, because white fungus can defecate plants, and because white fungus can defecate plants, these colloids have a certain inhibitory effect on the abnormal peristalsis of the stomach and intestines.